Entrepreneur Workshop: Grow your business using Fingerprint for Success


Join Business Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, and Innovation Facilitator Anna C. Mallon on 4th November as she leads a groundbreaking workshop to empower small business owners and entrepreneurs to find out exactly what is needed to take your business to the next level!

Fingerprint for Success (F4S) is a powerful entrepreneur benchmarking tool used to identify a founders or team's opportunity for venture success. The tool is based on a study of the world’s most successful and failed entrepreneurs...

F4S founder Michelle Duval did the world’s first 15-year qualitative and quantitative study of entrepreneurs who exited between USD $6 million to $1.2 billion. Using this data, she developed a blueprint to benchmark yourself against. Imagine being able to control your profitability by knowing where to pinpoint your focus and the areas where you shine like a star.

Anna will share what sets apart the successful and failed entrepreneurs and how you compare. She'll go through all required motivations for venture success and what to do next. F4S is not a personality test like MBTI but a tool assesses motivations and attitudes specifically in the context of entrepreneurship, both in the early years and the later stages of business building.



#1: For Startup Founders / Entrepreneurs / Freelancers / Business Builders of all sorts:

If you’re a startup founder or entrepreneur looking to scale, increase profitability, optimise longevity and want to know how to take the business to the next level, this is for you. You’ll find lots of people like you in this workshop.

#2: For Team Members:

If you’re looking to learn which of your attitudes and motivations are required for entrepreneurship and innovation as part of your job, this workshop will help you use science to inspire, find and get the best out of yourself as well as the people you work with (or for).

#: For Accelerators, Incubators, and Investors:

If you’re part of an accelerator or an investor, we’ll teach you powerful tools to use the Fingerprint for Success tool to both select startups, grow and develop founders and mitigate risk.

Are you neither #1, #2, #3? If you’re late in the business building stage, F4S will teach you how to face the needs of your business as it requires different attitudes in leadership. If you’re new to your business or aspiring to become an entrepreneur, just know that tools like F4S exist to nudge you in the right direction. We will teach you how to develop and apply specific attitudes and motivations for venture success -- right from the start so you don’t get confused or feel alone.


This workshop will be led by Startup2Life.com Founder Anna C Mallon, a serial entrepreneur and innovation facilitator who works with both startups and large corporations. She recently partnered with Investible to bring Fingerprint for Success to Singapore and the region. As part of the workshop, you’ll also systematically run through F4S material and why they matter, examine and understand how to best use the F4S mobile app, and partake in a live results evaluation.

The Workshop will cover:

  • Your own personal F4S evaluation via the app (after signing up you'll get an access code from us to do your assessment)

  • A systematic run through and understanding of the F4S study, material and why they matter

  • An understanding of how to use the F4S mobile app and data for your business in the context of profitability and longevity

  • Partake in a live evaluation or 2 “hot-seat” simulations led by Anna

#1: Highly-valuable, actionable content

Immediately walk away with insights on how to build a superstar team, where to focus your energies or find a mentor who can coach you through your blind spots. You’ll get interpretations of your results using the Inventory of Work Attitude and Motivation (IWAM) and recommendation for additional coaching.

#2: Professional development for entrepreneurs, investors, team members

This workshop goes way beyond teaching by including two live seat simulations lead by Anna.

#3: Get to know the F4S mobile app

You’ll get instant access to all content and the F4S app, which makes use of high-level tech to ensure learning sticks and can be used right away in the workplace.

Tickets are limited to 20 only. Don't miss out, SIGN UP now!


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Sat Nov 4, 2017
9:30 AM - 3:30 PM SGT
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